Two Papers Co-Authored by MSFC Scientists Published in the SPIE Journal of Astronomical Telescopes and Instrument Systems (JAITS)

Two papers co-authored by MSFC scientists have been accepted for publication by the SPIE Journal of Astronomical Telescopes and Instrument Systems.  The first paper is "Habitable-Zone Exoplanet Observatory (HabEx) baseline 4-m telescope: systems-engineering design process and predicted structural thermal optical performance", by H. Philip Stahl (MSFC), Gary Kuan (JPL), William R. Arnold (MSFC/TBE), Thomas Brooks (MSFC), J. Brent Knight (MSFC), and Stefan Martin (JPL),

You can read the article at:

The second paper is "Method for deriving optical telescope performance specifications for Earth-detecting coronagraphs" by Bijan Nemati (UAH), H. Philip Stahl (MSFC), Mark T. Stahl (MSFC), Leah Sheldon (UAH), and Garreth J. Ruane (CalTech),

Read that article at:

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