Karen Gelmis Selected as Science Projects Branch Chief (ST14)

We are pleased to announce the selection of Karen Gelmis as the new Science Projects Branch Chief/ST14. Gelmis has over 16 years of experience in NASA project management, program integration and independent program assessment. Her project management experience covers the full lifecycle spectrum of programs and projects. Gelmis was the project manager for the ISS Waste and Hygiene Compartment, integrating Russian hardware into a United States Operating Segment (USOS) rack which launched on Space Shuttle flight STS-112 in November, 2008. As a Program Integration engineer for the NASA Space Launch System (SLS) Program, she was a planning team lead for the SLS PDR and KDP-C and led the development of the SLS Program Plan. Karen has extensive previous experience with systems integration- specifically in the ISS vehicle office with responsibility for ECLSS system technical and programmatic baseline oversight, and hardware development projects. She’s served as a Review Manager for several science projects including SMAP, LandSat9, ICESat and GRACE. Currently Karen serves as the Review Manager for JWST and is also the Study Manager for the 2020 Astrophysics Decadal Survey Lynx Mission Concept Study.

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