Q&A Panel at the North Carolina State University Rocketry Club

Patrick Duran (ST11/SPoRT) organized a panel of Marshall Early-Career Organization (MECO) members to present at the North Carolina State University (NCSU) Rocketry Club virtual meeting on 4/15/21. The panel was comprised of Duran and three engineers from two other branches on the Center: Kayla Daniel (EV-34), Erin Lanigan (EM-21), and Jodi Turk (EV-34). Panel members each gave brief presentations on their work at MSFC and their experiences as an early-career NASA employee. The presentations were followed by a question-and-answer session and discussions with club members on science and engineering at Marshall. The meeting, which was attended by over 20 members of the NCSU Rocketry Club, was an opportunity for club members to become more familiar with MSFC and the many unique opportunities that working for NASA presents to early-career scientists and engineers.

NC State
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