Sabrina Savage Featured in Artemis Gateway Article

Sabrina Savage (ST13) was prominently featured in the American Geophysical Union's EOS article titled "NASA Prepares its Artemis Gateway to Orbit the Moon." The article discussed Gateway's mission as an orbiting lunar space station allowing astronauts to come and go as they explore the Moon. Savage was extensively quoted in the article, “We are now at the precipice of extending our boundaries beyond Earth’s gravity, It is undeniably exciting.”  Two important topics planned for study aboard the Gateway are the risks of long-term exposure in deep space and the real-time dynamics of space habitation.  “You get to see a variety of deep-space conditions when you’re protected and when you move out of [Earth’s shield] and are being blasted by radiation,” said Savage. “Being able to test different conditions is really valuable information.”

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