Commercial SmallSat Data Acquisition (CSDA) Program Releases Major Feature Update to SmallSat Data Explorer (SDX)

The CSDA data team at MSFC has developed the SDX for distribution of commercial data acquired by the program prior to archive in Earthdata Cloud. Under the guidance of Aaron Kaulfus (ST11), the data has released the first major feature update to the tool since its initial release.

The improvements released include an overhaul to the systems data download and management capabilities by which user limits are now governed by preassigned quotas. To support this, the SDX design changed to support a larger area to view results from data search, the ability to directly download from the system in addition to the already provided bulk download by script capabilities, a profile page to view and assist management of quotas, and an improved API to improve the speed of data search and discovery in support of the growing data archive. Several additional updates, including information available on the home page, update to the user’s guide, and release of a prototype heat map service to assist with geospatial awareness of available data, among other improvements, were also released.

The SDX may be openly used to discover data by the public ( while users may request for access to the data, pending review and approval based on conditions of respective end user license agreements, through the CSDA data authorization request form (

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