The Transform to Open Science (TOPS) Project Office has been Established Here at Marshall

The Transform to Open Science (TOPS) mission is a NASA Science Mission Directorate (SMD) initiative designed to rapidly transform agencies, organizations, and communities to an inclusive culture of open science, and is a part of NASA’s (Open-Source Science Initiative) OSSI. TOPS is a 5-year effort focused on a community of change driven to:

  • Increase understanding and adoption of open science principles and techniques
  • Accelerate major scientific discoveries
  • Broaden participation by historically excluded communities

The TOPS Project Office located with MSFC’s Science and Technology supports the TOPS project providing: (1) project coordination, (2) digital resources, and (3) communications support for the duration of the project. The office complements existing TOPS activities led by the Chief Science Data Office (CSDO) including ROSES elements, CSDO events, partnerships, and activities at NASA centers.

For more information about the TOPS Project Office, please contact Shannon Gant at

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