Testing on Marshall’s Regolith Field

Heidi Haviland, Paul Bremner, and Mike Zanetti (ST13) participated in field testing of the Neutron Measurements at the Lunar Surface (NMLS) engineering unit at the Marshall Regolith field. This test case was also jointly observed by Juan Lorenzo (LSU) with a seismic survey and Ground Penetrating Radar as an integrated geophysical package for water or ice detection on the Moon or Mars. This activity was supported by Mark Christl (ST12), Mohammed Sabra (USRA), Radiation Safety, Jeff Apple (ES11) and ST13 intern Zack Carter. This event took place on 7/17-18/23 and the NMLS field observations were led by Haviland.

Lunar Regolith Testing 2023 1
Lunar Regolith Testing 2023 2
Lunar Regolith Testing 2023 3
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