Lightning Science at Take Our Children to Work Day

Sarah Bang (ST11) presented lightning science to NASA MSFC's children for Take Our Children To Work Day in a presentation called "Storms that go BOOM with Dr. Bang!" There were ~12 families in attendance who learned about how lightning forms, how thunderstorms work, and how NASA's Earth Scientists, collaborators, and partners work together to study thunderstorms and lightning from ground, air, and space. In the spirit of TOCTWD 2023's theme "working better together," several scientists pitched in to provide data, graphics, videos, props, and demonstrations. Special thanks go to MSFC Earth Science Branch Mason Quick, Christopher Schultz, Rich Blakeslee, and Timothy Lang, and UAH ESSC's Matt Wingo and Dennis Buechler, and the folks at the ongoing ALOFT (Airborne Lightning Observatory for FEGS and TGFs) field campaign for sharing their science.

lightning strike
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