MSFC Solar Physicist Presents to Two High Schools

Amy Winebarger (ST13) recently presented a talk entitled Rocket to the Sun to two high school groups.  The first presentation occurred on 7/18/23 and was given to the NASA Neurodiversity Network (N3) summer interns.  This year’s interns (21 students), last year’s interns, and other prospective interns were invited to attend.  The second talk was given on 7/26/23 to a group of students attending a program at Virginia Tech for first generation VA high school students that are interested in pursuing engineering in college.  The talk first discusses the transition from high school to college to graduate school to a career in STEM and the difficulty decisions that accompanies those transitions.  The talk then covers the reasons working at NASA is a fantastic career.   The total number of students in both seminars was over 200.  Both talks were presented virtually.

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