Chandra Begins its 25th Year in Orbit

Launched in 1999, the Chandra X-ray Observatory began its 25th year in orbit on July 23, 2023. Originally a 3 year mission (with a 5 year goal), continuous engineering and science efforts are ongoing to ensure Chandra’s longevity. Largest among these efforts over the past year are the successful efforts to bring the focal plane science instrument High Resolution Camera (HRC) out of anomalous and failed status back into its planned science mission. Another major accomplishment occurred with the uplink of the successful and extensive Aspect Camera Assembly (ACA) Processing Electronics Assembly (PEA) Dynamic Background Patch which mitigates the radiation background effects degradation of the capability of the ACA to acquire low magnitude guide stars. Of further note, on July 16, 2023 Chandra successfully navigated the lowest perigee altitude passage of the mission to date - ~1000 km compared to the nominal orbit perigee passage of 10,000 km.
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