Instrument Calibration and Training

Adam Kobelski (ST13), Genevieve Vigil (ST13), Tim Little (ST15), and Nicolas Donders (UAH) traveled to Bozeman, Montana 7/9-19/23 to set up and test an ultraviolet calibration system recently built at MSFC. The group also worked to train Montana State University (MSU) colleagues on the use of the system in preparation to calibrate the Full-sun Ultraviolet SpecTrograph (FURST) sounding rocket experiment. FURST is schedule to launch in January 2024 and will obtain a unique high-resolution, high-quality Sun-as-a-star spectrum in vacuum ultraviolet wavelengths. In addition to the calibration work, Adam Kobelski talked with the summer interns about the NASA sounding rocket program similar opportunities.

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