MSFC Earth Science Disasters Team Support for Wildfires in Maui and for Hurricane Idalia

Team members from the MSFC Earth Science Disasters Team have been providing significant response support to NASA Headquarters/Earth Science Division in the aftermath of record-setting wildfires that impacted Maui in early August 2023. Ronan Lucey (UAH/ST11) and Jordan Bell (ST11) have been collaborating for event leadership to help guide NASA's response. Team members in ST11/UAH (Kaylee Sharp, Alex Melancon, Hannah Pankratz) have been contributing imagery acquisitions, analysis, discussion, and support to host data through NASA's Disasters Mapping Portal. Early engagements have been with end users including FEMA HQ and Region 9, and other Applied Sciences: Disasters Program end users operating in the region in support of Maui's response and recovery.

The Disaster Team support for Hurricane Idalia was led by Jordan Bell. The team provided stakeholders like FEMA and the Florida Division of Emergency Management with a variety of services including participation in interagency meetings organized by FEMA and state partners to assess needs as the situation develops and sharing products for Hurricane Idalia on the NASA Disasters Mapping Portal.

Maui Fires
Hurricane Idalia
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