Satellite Needs Working Group (SNWG) 2024 Survey Drafted

Federal civilian agencies complete the SNWG survey every two years to report their high-priority satellite Earth observation needs to NASA. The 2024 SNWG survey will be sent out three months earlier than in past cycles, allowing NASA to receive the surveys earlier and have three additional months to complete the assessment of agency needs. At the request of the SNWG co-chairs, Katrina Virts drafted the 2024 survey and returned it to the SNWG co-chairs and USGS, which hosts the survey website. In the survey, agency subject matter experts record their agencies’ objectives that are supported by satellite data, the specific measurements and products needed to meet their responsibilities, and the processing capabilities of their agency to use NASA data products. It is anticipated that the survey will be opened to agencies around 3/1/24.

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