Marshall Scientist and UAH Students Present at Conference Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Detection of Gamma-ray Bursts

Daniel Kocevski (ST12), Stephen Lesage (UAH), and Sarah Dalessi (UAH) presented invited talks at a conference held in Warrington, VA on behalf of Marshall Space Flight Center's (MSFC’s) Relativistic Astrophysics Team. Kocevski presented on the status of the StarBurst and MoonBEAM missions, Lesage and Dalessi, both UAH graduate students working with the team, presented recently published papers on groundbreaking science being performed by the group. Colleen Wilson-Hodge (ST12) served on the Scientific Organizing Committee for the meeting.

The Relativistic Astrophysics Team has a long and storied history in the field of GRB astrophysics and the group was honored to be invited to present on our ongoing efforts to further unraveling the mysteries of these enigmatic events.

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