MSC Earth Science Disasters Team to Mentor EPSCOR Grantees at University of Hawaii Manoa

Andrew Molthan (ST11) was previously approached by the NASA Established Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR), a collaboration with the National Science Foundation, looking for research mentors to guide early career faculty in developing capacity to use NASA information in support of their state and regional research efforts. EPSCoR adapted previous research ideas solicited for the Minority University Education and Research Project (MUREP's) Data Science Equity, Access, and Priority (DEAP) effort -- that is, soliciting additional EPSCoR-eligible faculty to continue research on the use of optical and synthetic aperture radar remote sensing in the detection of water, flood extent and depth. Projects by Sayed Bateni and Jonghyun Harry Lee from UH Mānoa’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering were selected by EPSCoR to develop research capacity and collaborations of mutual benefit to all parties.

This is the fourth such mentoring effort between our MSFC Earth Science Disasters Team -- 3 supporting MUREP/DEAP and 1 supporting EPSCoR, thematically aligned with NASA's Applied Sciences: Disasters Program, seeking to build new partners with MSFC in support of future research and application efforts.

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