NASA SPoRT Hosts Joint Session on NASA TEMPO Air Quality Projects

Aaron Naeger and Liz Junod (ST11) of NASA SPoRT held a joint session between NASA TEMPO Early Adopters program, NASA STAQS, and NASA’s Satellite Needs Working Group (SNWG) 2020 TEMPO Solution to discuss training needs, gaps which TEMPO data will help fill, and the current status of NASA TEMPO’s instrumentation to over 125 air quality scientists and researchers from EPA, USDA, NOAA, DOC, DOE, NASA, local government, academia, and private sector organizations.

Aaron Naeger, the lead of NASA TEMPO’s Early Adopters program, is committed to fostering knowledge among health & air quality scientists to enhance the societal benefit of the hourly daytime air quality data from TEMPO. By hosting this joint session, air quality scientists and researchers across Greater North America are now aware of NASA's TEMPO air quality projects. NASA SPoRT is also leading stakeholder engagement through its partnership with NASA’s SNWG 2020 TEMPO solution. This solution will specifically expedite NO2, Formaldehyde, and aerosol products through NASA TEMPO instrumentation. From this joint session, air quality scientists and researchers expressed that having near-real time products would greatly benefit their organization by allowing air quality nowcasting, wildfire forecasting, observing ozone precursors to help inform forecasting and public health notification during high pollution days/events, and issuing emergency response for large air quality disasters. In addition, air quality scientists and researchers at the meeting strongly requested a need to be trained on TEMPO data, a set aside time to be trained, and the type of training they prefer to be trained in. Training and preforming assessments on the training is a priority action of the SNWG 2020 TEMPO Solution to ensure near-real time data is transitioned into operational products that benefit stakeholders of the SNWG 2020 TEMPO solution.

By partnering with NASA TEMPO Early Adopters program and NASA STAQS field campaign, the SNWG 2020 TEMPO Solution have now identified a plethora of downstream end-users that will greatly benefit from near-real time NO2, Formaldehyde, and aerosol operational products and will integrate end-users when training and assessments is developed.

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