The Science Research Office is a part of Marshall’s Science and Technology Office, whose mission is to apply advanced concepts and capabilities to researching, developing, and managing NASA’s science and exploration programs, projects, and activities that fall at the very intersection of science and exploration.

Earth Science Office

The Earth Science Office focuses on researching and analyzing the Earth as a system with a focus on its climate and energy and water cycles. This Office applies NASA’s Earth observations, models, technologies, and expertise to provide vital data and analyses in various ways that benefit society.

Astrophysics Office

The Astrophysics Office is charged with peering back to the earliest epochs of the Universe to unravel its mysteries and studying the most violent explosions in space in our galaxy and beyond.

Heliophysics & Planetary Science Office

The Heliophysics & Planetary Science Office is committed to studying the coupled Sun-Earth system and our solar system. The focus is on the genesis and evolution of the inner solar system bodies, and investigating what triggers space storms and their effect on the near-Earth space environment.