Two Sounding Rocket Proposals Selected for Funding


Earth Science Branch

IMPACT Team Helps Develop COVID-19 Dashboards

Marshall Scientists Contribute to Certification of New World Records for Lightning Size and Duration

SERVIR Applied Sciences Team Works with Amazonia-Hub to Provide Amazon Fire Forecast

Astrophysics Branch

LIGO Team Discovers Object that is 2.6 Solar Masses

Catch Up with IXPE

Newborn Star Hints at Sun's Beginnings

FOXSI Optics

Heliophysics and Planetary Science Branch

Hinode Returns to Normal Operations

Marshall Scientists Submit Lunar Base Handbook Chapter

FOXSI-4  and Hi-C Flare Selected for Funding

Science Projects Branch

Female space science heroes featured in new interactive app

Chandra is celebrating its 20th anniversary!

Chandra X-ray Observatory

Science Test Branch

Marshall's X-ray & Cryogenics Facility to support the ESA's ATHENA mission.

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