IMPACT Participation in the ESIP 2022 Summer Meeting

Ge Peng (UAH/IMPACT), a co-chair of the ESIP Information Quality Cluster (IQC), chaired a session on July 19, titled: Approaches and Practices Promoting Trustworthy FAIR Data and Repositories, to explore the current practices, technical implementations, and lessons learnt for improving the FAIRness and establishing trustworthiness of Earth science data and repositories to support open source science and identify ways in which their FAIRness can be improved to lower the barriers to access. Aaron Kaulfus (ST11) gave an in-person presentation with a demo on pyQuARC.

Peng also co-convened and participated in a session on 7/20/22, titled: Enabling AI Application for Climate: Developing a Collection of AI-ready Open Climate Data - Data-A-Thon. Peng evaluated the NSIDC sea ice contraction climate data record against an AI-ready checklist.

Deborah Smith (UAH/IMPACT) co-convened a session titled: Airborne for All - Engaging the ESIP community to explore findings from a recent Airborne and Field data workshop and identify synergies across organizations, on 7/21/22. This session shared findings from the March 2022 NASA Airborne and Field Data Workshop.  Participants heard additional talks from data users, data producers, and DAAC personnel. At the end of the session, participants helped to prioritize important needs by cost and effort.  The session was considered very valuable by many attendees.  On Wednesday evening, Smith also presented a poster describing the Catalog of Archived Suborbital Earth Science Investigations (CASEI).

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