NASA Issues Chandra Sonification Release “Cosmic Harmonies: Sonifications from NASA Telescopes”

Three sonification’s of data from Chandra and other NASA telescopes has been released. These sonification’s include a binary system (R Aquarii), a galaxy group (Stephen’s Quintet), and a spiral galaxy (M104). These sonification’s were led by the Chandra X-ray Center (CXC). The collaboration was driven by visualization scientist Kimberly Arcand (CXC), astrophysicist Matt Russo, and musician Andrew Santaguida (both of the SYSTEM Sounds project). Sonification is the process of translating data into notes and sounds humans can perceive. Chandra’s public communications team reports an increase in public engagement with Chandra social media accounts due to the new sonifications. The sonification titled “Stephen’s Quintet” is the 6th highest viewed video in the lifetime history of MSFC’s Facebook account, and the sonification “M104” on is the 8th highest viewed reel in the lifetime history of MSFC’s Instagram account.

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Chandra sonofication
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